Slow day on Saturday in sports betting…..1-0 on a 1/2 unit Play!!!

Saturday in sports betting despite the busy lineup we have only one 1/2 unit play. However it was an easy winner with Milwaukee +106 winning 7-4.

We also had two setups which both lost. In addition I gave out three potential move games :

Dodgers +118
Houston +117
Milwaukee +127

The Line ended up:

Dodgers +105
Houston +117
Milwaukee +106

So 2 of the 3 moved and Milw you could of played a middle on the game. Dodgers also but it would have been a very small one.

These line move games you should use with your own handicapping and if you wager on Pinnacle or matchbook you might try some middles.

Last night I gave out two potential movers for today and so far both have moved quite a bit. Also I have sent out a 1 unit play and a setup so far today.

I am going to cut this short this morning. I had very little sleep last night for what ever reason. I do not need much but 2 hours does not quite do it.

I should be back to normal tomorrow….whatever normal is:)

Good Luck Today

RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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