Soros confirms Fed’s Mistake

9:00 Update

Thursday we went 3-1 on our Plays. 1-1 in College Hoops 2-0 in the NHL. When the smoke cleared it was a +2.83 Unit day thanks to Vancouver +183 winning 3-1! We had two setups in college hoops and they were both easy winners.

I have been a few times about when to not take the NHL wager as its below what I post. The thing to do is to have about 5 or 6 books that post 10c lines in the NHL in front of you. You can do that via or vegasinsider. Plus there are many other sites you can have that right in front of you. Then if you cannot get the lowest of those numbers just pass on the game.

A few things to note. The NHL has been as solid as it could be. We are up over 15 units on the season and it has been a steady climb with very minor draw downs. What is significant about this is I made the same adjustments to MLB as I did in the NHL. I am really looking forward to MLB this season. Also the setups in college hoops has had a remarkable change since I tightened up the parameters. I do not want to get ahead of myself however there are a number of setups that I am considering changing into plays next season. January in college hoops could not have been a better month hitting almost 70% winners!

For subscribers since I have switched this site to a subscription service for Plays and setups we are in the plus side of around 30 units. Not bad over a few months:)

When you subscribe you get my plays and setups for all sports followed delivered to you via my private twitter feed. In addition you get access to my weird mind for any questions you may have during the day. I often give out my views on games that my subscribers with their own handicapping are interested in. All this for a small monthly subscription. Just hit the paypal button on the upper right to join a great group of handicappers.

I want to make this site and my service the best that anyone has ever seen. I certainly am open to suggestions. And also would welcome all of you that enjoy the site to spread the word. It would be deeply appreciated.

A bit early for plays …Subscribers plays and setups will be sent out shortly before game times. Also I am around the computer this morning. A good time for questions.


I watched an interesting interview with George Soros last night. He did not mince any words in saying that the Fed raising rates last month was a big mistake. I will not bore you with the details but it was along the same ideas I have been commenting on since they did it. The more interesting question will be is what will the fed do now. Will they retrench or double down. If the Fed were lead by competent people we would not be in this position and now to speculate that they will all of a sudden see the error of their thinking is asking a lot of a mere human. But maybe Soros is a few of their guru and they will take heed. We will see.

Could it be impossible? A 2 day rally? So far it looks like it. With the markets set to gap up over 1% this morning after a strong day yesterday. Any good news today could result in a short covering rally we have never seen before. One can only dream:)

I am long a portfolio of stocks with some mean reversion trades so welcome the rally. There are two important things to watch the next few days. 1. The quality of the rally and 2. How the market reacts to bad news. If it passes both of those test we might be out of the woods for awhile. I not then batten down the hatches as the storm is not over.

For my remarkable event of the day. And I still cannot believe it. Louis Farrakhan did an interview where he remarked that Trump had the right idea on immigration. Now this in no way is meant to give my opinion on the subject or my opinion about either of the two people . I steer clear of politics on this site. Except for a satirical remark or two. But if someone were to have offered me a wager that this would happen they could of got me for a lot of money:) Just remember there are no sure things in betting. I would of thought that this would of been about as sure of a bet as one could ever have wagered on!

Lets have a good day trading today

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