Are we at the all-star break yet??? Seems like forever since opening day:)

A busy day yesterday with 7 plays and going 2-5 for a little less than a 2 unit loss for the day.

It seems that our back and forth continues from -10 units to +1 units. That is a very narrow range with 3 full months now behind us. But it is what it is.

For those that are concerned about the lack of 1 unit plays consider that we have reduced volatility and are ahead of where we were last season. In addition, we ended up +13 units for the season.

I went into detail about this a week ago but it bears repeating time and again. Anytime you can reduce your swings without a cost you do it. It may not be as exciting but its the end result that you should be looking at.

We are not even at the all-star break yet. So a lot of baseball left:)

Of the 7 plays, yesterday 5 were overnights that went 2-3 and the others were a 1 unit play that lost along with a 1/2 unit play losing also.

You can always see the individual plays by going to my Google sheets where I have each day presented in detail.

Today so far I have sent out 1 play.

One thing to note is the overnight lines have not been moving the way they were the first months of the season. Whether this is temporary or a sign that the overnights are getting much sharper remains to be seen. But I would say they are getting a bit sharper:)

Good LuckToday


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