Starting off Nov the right way 3-1 on 1 UNIT PLAYS!!!

After a great October we got off to a good start to Nov yesterday with 4 one unit plays going 3-1. In the NBA we went 2-0 with Milwaukee +3.5 winning the game outright 117-113 and Utah +9.5 winning the game outright 106-91. In the NHL we went 1-1 with both games going into OT. Toronto -115 won 3-2 and Carolina +125 lost 1-2.

A +2 unit day to start out the month! 

One thing before I go further is that I am leaving for out of town in several hours but will be back tomorrow late afternoon. For those of you that are on the backup SMS its uncertain whether I can use that while I am away. I have had difficulty with Gmail and Gmail group emails on the road before. So I suggest you take a look at the twitter feed tonight and perhaps tomorrow also. But I will work on it this morning before I leave.

An email :

“Hi Rick, was looking at your past records of play page and it looks pretty impressive.  I\’m considering joining the site but am still on the fence for a few reason, most importantly that the amount I bet is small relative to the site price.  Anyway, would it be possible for you to sum up all of the plays you put out there? For example, in 2015 you bet out a total of X units, profited Y units, and had a total ROI of Z.ZZ%? Same for 2014, 2013, etc.”

My Response:

This is an interesting subject that I probably do not have the time to get into as much as I would like right now. But let me start out by saying from a monetary standpoint alone I would say you need to be a $100.00 a play unit bettor to warrant subscribing to this site. And if your a 100.00 a unit bettor you will need to start with a bankroll of $5,000 where your starting wager would be 2% of your bankroll. Also the $5,000 needs to be an amount that if you lost it all it would cause you no concern except perhaps to your ego:)

Now this is from a monetary standpoint alone. Also included in the service is the chance to learn quite a bit about handicapping techniques. I am at your service to discuss whatever you would like to know about how to handicap games. The only thing I will not share is what I consider proprietary information that is unique to my method of handicapping.

I have bettors that wager as low as 25 to 50 a game and as high as 5,000 t0 10,000 a game. That is why often times you see the lines move within seconds after I send out the plays. This is more prevalent in college hoops.

Now as far as adding everything up, its on my to do list. I have cleaned up the records quite a bit but I agree totally everything would make it much easier to review. However until I do everything is there for your review. Transparency is something I consider essential in a service like this.

That’s my thoughts on the subject. And I am sure there is more I missed. But let me end in saying that most services cost substantially more and produce sketchy results. In addition you get the plays and your on your own. I view subscribers as a group of people with the same interest I have…. sports betting. I have been through the ups and downs over the years so that if your just starting I should be able to give you substantial guidance regardless of what you encounter.

$49.00 a month for all sports is really a pittance to what other services charge. I know this is a self serving statement but I feel this service has substantial value and perhaps the most value of any out there.

I am here to answer any questions on this subject anyone might have.

So far today there have been no plays sent out.

Good Luck Today


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