1:30 Update

Sunday College Hoops
1 Unit Play
831 Utah +11.5

8:00 Update:

No plays yet…but a few totals tracking setups

NHL Total tracking setup ( I do not bet these)
Detroit U 5.5 -142

NBA Total Tracking Setup ( I do not bet these)
Houston U 217.5

One of the busiest days of the year yesterday and we ended up on the plus side 1.5 Unit less the vig.

Our 1/2 Unit Totals continue to roll along going 2-0.

Our 1/2 Unit Sides ended up 6-5. One thing to notice is the number of game that were decided by 1 pt of less. These line are getting tougher and tougher.

Our 1/2 Unit sides in the nhl split 1-1

Our 1/2 unit tracking setups in the totals went 0-1 in the NHL and 1-0 in the NBA.

Our 1/2 unit Money line setups went 1-1.

Today will be a vacation compared to yesterday. There is one game in the after noon that looks pretty good but I will post sides about 30 min before game time.

Sunday College Totals:
1/2 Unit Play
820 Michigan U 132.5

Good Luck Today

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