Final Update

Sunday NHL PLays
1/2 Unit
Buffalo +120

Saturday was a busy day and we went 3-3 on our 1/2 Unit plays.

The totals were 0-2, College sides 2-1 and NHL 1-0.

The Money line setups went 1-1 and the NHL total tracking setup won.

I really thought we had the total in the butler game since the half time score was around 50!

There was an NBA game yesterday that I think is instructive. Charlotte at Washington. The line was -11 and I have to tell you there were some very high percentage situations favoring Charlotte. Some of the highest I look at. In addition almost everything else I look at pointed to Charlotte +11.

But thinking the public would most likely be pounding washington in this situation that was far from the situation. For most of the day the public was slanted heavily towards the road dog. The end result was 53% on charlotte.

Considering Washington played the night before and won in a blowout with Charlotte on the road you would of thought we would be looking at at least 65% of the public on Washington.

So the pieces of the puzzle did not all fit together. And I passed. And washington won by 17.

Today Not much looks good so far to me but I will update around 30 min before game times.

Good Luck Today

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