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Do you use SportsInsights to backtest your setups or a separate database?

I was a long time subscriber to sports insights as I felt it was the only option for getting the data they put out regarding public betting. When I say long time…about 10 years! But the more and more I used it I began to see some flaws in the data the put out.

For instance public numbers changing 10% in the last minute before game time on multiple occasions. This really should not happen if it is a real time service since the more bets the less likelihood of big movement in the public numbers.

2nd…I happend to purchase some back data to incorporate into my database…and found the data to be very corrupt. Many games were incorrect with much data missing. And they sold it to their customers this way! This would indicate to me their lack of putting out a serious product. In addition if they happen to use this same data in drawing the conclusions they do…then those conclusions would also be flawed.

3rd….they keep raising their prices…even for long time subscribers. They have absolutely no flexibility to accomodate long time customers.

Taking all the above into consideration with the added factor that real time data can be obtained for free on the internet. Pinnacle allows you to get the lines from their site as do many books even if you do not have an account.

As far as the public numbers….you can get an approximation of them from other sources on the internet.

Now I am not saying that sports insights is worthless….but am saying their are concerns that you need to be aware of with their product. If the cost of their product were to come down 50 to 75% the value might be their if only for the ease of getting the information needed from one site rather the multiple sites.

So……to answer your question….I use my own database that I have developed over the years.

I am familiar with many handicapping products…so feel free to ask away for a completely unbiased review!

8:00 Update

Saturday MLB tracking Play Sides A ( I do not bet these)

Boston -141

I am going to track these as they have backtested out very well. Its way to premature betting on them…lets see how they pan out for the season. Their will be setups A and B and all involve Home Favorites under -150.

Saturday we won our 1/2 Unit play on Tampa Bay +126 4-3. Our MLB total tracking setup lost by 1/2 a run. It was 4-4 in extra innings But cinci scored two and the final was 6-4.

Today several total tracking setups but no likely to be any plays.

Saturday MLB Totals tracking setups B ( I do not bet these)

Mets U 7 +105
Baltimore U 8.5 -105

I will update if anything else develops.

Good Luck Today

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Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Owen

    Do you use SportsInsights to backtest your setups or a separate database?

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