Final Update

Sunday NHL Play
1/2 Unit
Anaheim +130

9:40 Update

Most likely no more plays in the NFL today. The game I was looking at was tenn. I would need a +3 and also the public to be 20% or less on the game to play it. Right now its a solid +2.5 and 22% public number.

Saturday our MLB 1 unit plays went 2-0, Our 1 unit plays in college football went 1-1, Our tracking setups in College football went 2-1 and our lean went 0-1.

Sunday MLB Play
1 Unit
Atlanta +128

Sunday NFL Play
1 Unit
Oakland +4.5

NHL will be a bit later as they become clear.

There may be one more play in the NFL. I will update if it becomes clear.

Public number in the NFL:

KC 80%
Balt 63%
St Louis 52%
NE 71%
Seattle 52%
GB 55%
NO 74%
Phil 56%
Car 75%
San Diego 82%
Denver 80%
Houston 54%
Atlanta 82%

Top 5 Hilton Picks

I really do not like the idea that my 5th pick indy is the Hilton contestants 2nd choice today. The public numbers and top 5 Hilton picks should be used in your handicapping in a contrarian way.

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