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Poker Comments:

I have talked from time to time about the 9 computers sitting at the table playing
poker. It would be a very quiet game with no arguing, seat changes, scrambling of the deck, deck changes….in other words the computers would go on their business with the best programmer taking the money. There would be no quitting early when ahead or going on tilt when behind or any of the other characteristics peculiar to humans.

This is informative since it points out that if your a positive ev player your best strategy is to play from start to finish every game your in. In other words the more hours you play the more you income is going to be at the end of the year.

But humans are not computers and you see consistently players getting ahead a small amount and looking for any reason to quit. That same player when he gets behind will sit and play for days sometimes. Its human nature at work. Or the same player when they take a bad beat will get up from the table and walk for awhile. If your a winning player all of this superstition will cut your win rate.

Saying that the conclusion would be just sit and play and if your a winning player things will work out in the long run. Now that is very true with the following caveat .. The human mind is not a computer. It gets tired, emotional, delusional, and more too numerous to mention. So each player has to pick an approach taking into consideration their mental stamina to allow you to stay fresh and be sharp day in and day out.

Myself…I like to set plateaus. In the game I play in I set them at $1,000 intervals for the most part. When I hit one of those I play either until the next level or if things slow down and I drop below it I then consider leaving the game. Now this strategy will not maximize my win…..but will allow me to play poker(which I enjoy) Stay fresh, and best of all cut my time in the casino.

There are many benefits to cutting your time in the casino. First it reduces your exposure to the negativity and dysfunctional types and second the air quality in these casinos is dismal. Just do a google search and if your read some of the studys you may never step foot into a nevada casino again.

Good Luck Today

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