Final Update

Sunday NCAA Hoop Play
1/2 unit
UTEP U 133.5

5:15 Update

Needless to say I am in a pretty good mood tonight going 5-0 in the Hilton contest….it will be interesting to see how close I am to the top 30.

One game tonight in the NFL


The betting is 73% on Denver and the line has moved from denver -2.5 to KC -1-109. That is a reverse line move however that quite a way from the opening line and despite it has not covered any key numbers thats still quite a bit. On Cris there is no reverse line move as the line opened at KC -1-105 and is now Pick.

Variables strongly favor KC tonight and models also favor KC. Public betting strongly favors KC. The only thing keeping it from being a play or even a slight edge is the amount the line has moved. Also as you recall it was between Detroit, tampa bay and KC as my fifth pick in the hilton contest

Bet or Pass

Also one late hoop game. It does have potential so may be a late play later…we will see.

12:50 Update
Sunday NCAA BB Play
1/2 Unit
Marquette U 131.5

9:55 Update
Bet or Pass
Tampa Bay +6

9:45 Update

Slight Edge
Jacksonville +3

Its always great to wake up and find you won a game you thought you lost. Hawaii down by 14 with about a min left had 1st and goal at the 2. I am usually doing something else and watching a simulation on my ipad on close games. So touchdown flashes across the screen…and I am thinking great they did it….but then I noticed it was fresno that recovered a fumble and ran back 98 years for a touch down. I turned off my ipad and started watching season 3 of arrow.

I guess they must of ruled no fumble and Hawaii punched it in for the cover! In any event… 2-0 on our 1/2 unit plays with the college football side winning and the hoop total with seton hall winning easily.

Slight edge in college football lost
Bet or pass in college football went 2-1
Bet or pass in college hoop sides went 1-0.

In the NFL I am 37-23 61.66% for the hilton contest. I am 2 pts out of cashing so still have some work to do. Also cannot afford a bad week. Over 1400 entries paying only 30 spots…not much room for error.

Today I have
1. Buffalo -2.5
2. Minn -2.5
3. Houston -6.5
4. New Orleans +4.5
5. Tampa Bay +3.5

The Tampa line is now +5 NO +3.5 Buf-3.5 Minn-2.5 Houston -7 So lines 3 my way..1 against and the other about the same.

Hilton Top 5:


I am with them on Buff and fading their cinci pick

Betting %
Giants 82
Cinci 81
Indy 75
arizona 73
DEN 72
St Louis 70
NE 65
Hou 65
Pit 63
Balt 60
Min 59
Buf 53

I will post plays and setups when they become clear although right now nothing looks good enough to be a play. We will see

I will post college hoops about 10 min before game times.

Good Luck Today

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