9:00 Update

Swing trade update:

The market is slightly overbought right now with the 100 pt drop in the dow on Friday. Its going to take a good move down from here before looking at swing trade longs. About another 1% move down would get my interest again. The big news now is what is going to happen in Greece. If history is any guide a last min bandage with cause the markets to blast off higher. Ideally we want another failure in negotiations to cause the market to tank again..and then get positioned for the “good” news.

Will be interesting. Right now I am flat with no positions. I post the most conservative 2 part swings in SPY/SSO. However I take many more swing trades then that ..Both in individual stocks and ETFs If you want to get then all via twitter my twitter feed is RickJSwings. Just send a request to follow or send me an email and I will get you on a 2 week free trial to these trades.

Saturday no plays and our setup on Minn lost in extra innings.

Today again not much looks very good to me. Sunday early Weightings :

917 BAL – C Tillman 1
918 TOR – S Copeland
915 DET – A Sanchez
916 NYY – M Tanaka 1.5
901 MIA – D Phelps 0.5
902 CIN – M Lorenzen
919 TB – A Colome
920 CLE – Co Anderson 1
905 PIT – C Morton 1.5
906 WAS – G Gonzalez
903 STL – M Wacha
904 PHI – A Morgan 2
929 CHC – J Arrieta
930 MIN – K Gibson 1
923 TEX – Y Gallardo 0
924 CHW – J Quintana 0
921 BOS – W Miley 0
922 KC – C Young 0
925 LAA – G Richards
926 OAK – S Kazmir 1
909 MIL – M Garza
910 COL – C Rusin 1.5
927 HOU – V Velasquez 1
928 SEA – J Happ
907 SD – A Cashner
908 ARI – J Hellickson 1
911 NYM – M Harvey 0
912 ATL – J Teheran 0
913 SF – T Lincecum 0.5
914 LAD – B Anderson

These Weightings are on a scale of 1 to 5 with a 5 rating being very rare. These reflect a weighting that indicates where value might be and by how much. Myself I need a 3 or more with one of two key variables agreeing.

I will update if anything develops.

Good Luck Today

Twitter: rickjsportplays
twitter: rickjswingtrade

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