I made it back! Three days in California visiting my mom who is 93 and back to Las Vegas. Always great to visit her.

But while I was away my plays were still being turned out. On Thursday we went 4-0 all in college hoops with 1 side and 3 totals all winning. Also we had an NFL setup on Bears under a winner. Finally the Bears was one of my hilton nfl picks a winner! Overall a perfect day.

On Friday things cooled off a bit going 2-2. With Hoops going 1-0 and College football going 1-2. The theme of the day in college football was best shown by the Tulsa Tulane game. The line opened at 7 …stayed around 8 most of the time and about an 30 min before game time shot up to 9.5. 87% of the betting ended up on Tulsa! And the game went the way I thought it would. A tough close game where Tulane lead most of the game. But then ahead by 4 with a minute left tulsa was not content to run out the clock. They scored a touchdown and for the first time in the game had the number covered. So That was one of my losers for the day..a tough one. And of course 87 % of the bettors most likely went crazy in the sports books.

Yesterday we went 1-2 on our plays. Going 1-1 on college hoops. and 0-1 in college football. There were two setups in college football and they went 1-1.

So overall -3 units for the three days I was gone.

If you have an interest in signing on to my plays and setups all you need to do is hit the paypal button on the upper right and pick the subscription you want. We still have the bulk of college basketball and of course the NFL and college football. Finally The NBA and NHL are also in full swing. You get my plays and setups on all sports for the monthly subscription!!!

Ok…on to the NFL today:

My Hilton picks are in the order I liked them at the time:
Washington +3
San Fran +10.5
Baltimore +2.5
Bears +8.5 W
New Orleans +3

Hilton Top 5


The hilton top 5 this year is rolling alon at 31-23 going 3-2 last week.

Hilton bottom 5


I have not been tracking these but my thought is they are the ones you should be focusing on for plays.

Public Percent numbers for the NFL today

Giants 77
Oakland 72
Arizona 72
New Eng 69
Minn 66
Pitt 65
San Diego 63
TB 62
Houston 62
KC 58
Cinci 56
Jets 54

Reverse Line Move
San Fran

For subscribers I will be sending my plays out about 1 to 10 min before game time in all sports.

Good Luck Today

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