To make it short nothing again today. Nothing even close to a play despite a number of home dogs today. Looking over the results the last week on home dogs has indicated we are prudent to be disciplined since as far as I can see this year the home dogs have been adjusted somewhat over preceding years.

NFL is around the corner:) Finally!

Lets take a look at the last few years results:

2010 NFL Record

Picks 20-11 64.51%
Hilton Contest 45-38-2 54.21%

NFL 2008-09
Sides 8-7 +.65

NFL 2007-08
Sides 18-10 +7.50

NFL 2006-07
Sides 26-10-1 +15.56

4 Season Total
72-38 65.45%

Also 2 years ago my recollection is I hit around 58% in the Hilton contest. I will have to dig out those records.

I will have the same format this year releasing picks after the close of the deadline for posting Hilton picks.

A caveat. Books are always adjusting the way they develop lines. We have seen that this season in Baseball and have seen a shift over the last few years in the Nfl. The home dog value in the Nfl is virtually non existent now and the shift is now to away dogs! Its subtle but its there.

Where it will shift to this year if at all is anyones guess. Its a battle between the sharp bettors and the public. But the Nfl is still the leading market for fading the public since everyone and their brother can’t wait to empty their pockets on the Nfl games. So should be another profitable year…but no guarantees:) Money management is still a necessity!

Also probably a good idea to reread the required reading portion of this blog again and again!!!!!

If anything changes today I will update. And perhaps next week will bring some value in baseball for us to wager on.

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  • Jay

    I followed your picks last year and did great! If I have a $1000 bankroll for betting football, and want to strictly follow your picks, what would you suggest as a bet size each game?

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