Sunday mlb lean

Nothing Sat but a lean today in mlb.

San Diego +107

911 SFO – T Lincecum
912 SDG – C Young

This is very close to being a play and I will update later if it becomes a play before gametime.

Poker Comments:

Its been awhile since I have posted any comments but my schedule has been hectic and I will try to have a few more postings.

9 or 10

For a long time at the Bellagio the low limit flop games were 10 handed and the higher limits were 9 handed. The cutoff was 60-120 or higher. If you were to go to the high limit players and tell them the game was going to be 10 handed there would be a revolt and in all probability they would all leave the room. 9 handed has been a courtesy to the high limit players with the crowded 10 handed games forced on the low limit players.

A few months ago the Bellagio decided as a courtesy to the medium limit players to make their games 9 handed. In my opinion this is a very positive move and I would say for the most part in the holdem games the players are very happy and appreciative.

But in Omaha 8 for the first 2 months it was lunacy. For the most part the more experienced players who play the most hours were all positive. But there was 1 player that created problems daily until he got barred for 2 weeks from the room.

It started with him going to his first bookie and putting the pressure on him to go to the cardroom manager and say that 10 should be the rule. This almost resulted in it going back to 10 but it was headed off by a group of regular players with the result being a compromise…the first 9 player vote for 9 or 10 handed each day.

Well…..what could be fairer then that! But now this 1 player genius that he is started pestering new players to vote 10 and then in addition every day for 2 months arguing and complaining non stop about the rule.

So after about 6 weeks his other bookie gets back from a cruise and he again puts the word out to him to go to the cardroom manager to change it from no vote to 10. And of course not to lose this guys business he does just that….but by this point the cardroom manager knows the story and sticks with the vote.

As an aside this 2nd bookie quit the game after an hour and when he went to the mixed game he told everyone he quit because it was too crowed 10 handed!

Now not to be outdone this 1 person still complaining everyday now started quiting when the vote was 9 handed and telling everyone what a great game it was at the Wynn! The result being a 2 week barring.

Well he is back..and for the first week quiet not saying a word. But now he cant hold his dysfunctional personality back any longer and its started with the badgering of tourists and quiting and complaining every day. I predict another barring is in the future for this genius.

Now you may ask yourself why would this person want 10. Well its simply because when we switched to 9 he started a drawdown. And so what else could it be but the changing from 10 to 9 as the reason. Of course this player has a negative ev so in all probability he wont be around in a year or so. And then do we get piece and quiet…of course not…there is always someone to take his place!

If you come to the Bellagio and are wondering who this goof is there have been several pet names for him amoung the players: Baby Huey, Frankenstein and if there is ever a casting call for Lennie in “Of Mice and Men” he is a natural for the part:) In other words you wont be able to miss him and of course if you sit in the game he will be telling you how great 10 handed is!


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