Sunday Nba play

804 Oklahoma City +1 ( I do not bet these for tracking purposes only)


Twitter: rickhsportplays

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  • Paulsam

    Good Morning,

    Coming off a loss last night after betting the UNDER in the Sac/Memphis game. Randolph was Huge in the game and Memphis shot 55% for the game. O-Well we move on. Today (Sunday) I have two plays and both happen to be Best Bets. 1st UNDER in the G.S/Minn Game This game opens 211 and I see this closing around 213 or so I’ll wait for that number. But let me be clear it’s a best bet play at the 211.5/212 that’s around now. I believe I can get that number anytime so I’ll wait and don’t forget it’s a 2:00pm PST Tip
    2nd Game I like is the OVER in the Philly/Cleve game This game also opened 211 and sits at 210.5 WA at this typing I’ll wait a bit and see if I can get 210. This number is going to come down a bit but is a best bet play at the current number 210.5.
    Philly and Cleve have been Over machines and they’re shooting lights out the past five games each.
    Good Luck today.

  • Brad

    Paulsam I have the same kind of luck as you. Whenever I would publish my plays they would tank on me. I feel your pain.

    • Paulsam

      Still 5-3 since for the 3 days I’ve posted here. But what’s also important is the fact I’m hitting a very high % in anticipating which way the lines are going to move. To be successful in sports betting you need to be successful in getting the best number. So knowing which way the number is going to move on a bet your going to make keeps me ahead of the curve. It’s all about the numbers.

      I know what your saying abut putting plays up for all to see but I had a web-site for just about a year that I just took down and I was pretty successful putting my plays up daily for all to see.
      I’m hoping in getting a few guys here to discuss and learn from each other. I’ve enjoyed stopping by from time to time to see what Rick is up to and I see that he’s taking this to another level.
      My work schedule can be a little time consuming but I’m hoping to come around as much as possible. Hope to talk to you again. Good Luck

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