Sunday nfl plays

Sat looked a lot worse then it was. We had 13 plays 9 of the plays were ncaa fb. And of those 9 we went 2-7. I put in a 12 hour day at the 40-80 mixed game at the Bellagio and had the misfortune of having to watch every ncaa fb game:( But then when I checked the nba and nhl we swept all four of those with la a +169 win in the nhl!
So it turned into a -.61 unit day. It really did feel a lot worse:)

An interesting aside….When I went to bed last night the score on the hawaii game was 17-0 at the half. They scored 60 in the second half to go over!

Any way….I could find nothing in the nba or nhl today…and two plays in the nfl. I posted buffalo previously.

26-Nov-06 Football
Buffalo Bills (+3) -105

26-Nov-06 Football
Philadelphia Eagles (+9.5) -110


Record to date:

Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09
Sides 29-24-1 +5.30
o/u 8-10 -2.58
Sides 14-4-1 +9.90
o/u 6-3 +2.83
sides 23-20 +6.86
Side 19-12 +6.68
o/u 8-3 +4.94

Total 228 Bets + 35.53 units +15.58% Return

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  • Anonymous


    what would you advise someone who want to begin following your picks but has missed out on the +35 unit start ?


  • RickJ

    Thats a tough question to answer. My self..I bet every play I post on here. What I copy and paste as to the bets is taken from a recap of my bets that I have just made before I post.

    If this is a positive expectation method I am using…then you can hop on any time. If its not wont make a difference. at 226 wagers its still a bit early to tell. When it hits 500 to 1000 wagers the reliability of the method will be able to be evaluated a bit better.

    In any event if you decide to hop on board… I would suggest betting something that makes it fun and not stress ful. I can assure you at some point we will experience a draw down. So be prepared.

    I hope this answers the question..if not feel free to email me.


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