Sunday plays

Sunday plays

Sat we went 2-0 winning our ncaa play and lean.

Today so far the only play I can see is in the nhl

Minn +135

Most of you that are regular viewers of this blog have noticed
that my meanderings on poker and sports have been very limited
the last month or so. I am putting in a lot more time at
the poker tables so have been leaving earlier and coming
home later. But if anyone has any questions or wants to share
experiences in the gambling arena feel free to send me
an email and I will post on this site.

Very few nba lines are up now and the totals for ncaa baskets have
not been posted yet so there may be a few leans or plays later today.



Ncaa baskets
Sides 4-1
Total 2-1

Sides 2-2
Total 1-1

Ncaa baskets 08-09 season

Sides 18-24 -7.25
Totals 139-117-4 +15.85
2nd half sides 5-5 -0.25

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