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Saturday things slowed up with a 1 unit play in the WNBA and a 1/2 unit play in MLB. We lost our first WNBA play of the season with Washington +3 76-87. We won our MLB play with Texas +124 6-5. It’s always nice during a downswing to have a 5-2 lead on the dog going into the 9th and having the road team score 3 to tie it up.  But we did prevail with Texas coming back and scoring the bottom of the 9th.

We have two one unit plays today carrying over from yesterday. In MLB, I put out a one unit play last night and that is going to be most likely a familiar pattern. Once I determine the likelihood of a play is virtually certain and I feel there is a high probability of the line moving the other way I am going to send out the plays. There will not be many that go out the night before but enough to be aware of. It should be interesting how it pans out. Not by way of winning or losing the plays but how the line moves the next day.

I was asked about my 1 unit play in the WNBA and whether I will be putting out plays consistently. I plan on putting out plays that have backtested and pass my real-time stress test also. I have been following and working on the WNBA for some time now but the real-time is just starting to come into being relevant. But let me say that there most likely will not be many plays. A few here and there probably similar to the NBA.

If you had any idea the amount of time and energy I put into handicapping you would think I was a nut case:)  But as I have said in the past it’s very similar to working on crossword puzzles for many. Its a puzzle and the idea is to put the pieces together to fit and then produce positive EV results. That is the approach I take and how I view handicapping. If I didn’t have a tinge of OCD I most likely could not do what I do. But it certainly is a driving motivation, to say the least!

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