Superbowl Sunday with season to date records and observations

I have not posted in awhile as most of my posting is done with my subscribers on Slack.  This morning, however, seems like a good time to give my Superbowl observations along with my updated records to date on current sports active.

In addition, I have different plans for MLB this season. As most of you know I have been running a 50% refund if I do not have a winning season in MLB. It was a very popular Special. And the first several years I had winning seasons, thanks to the overnight plays. Then the last two years I have had losing seasons.

I did an analysis and completely revamped my overnight methods to where I am optimistic for the coming season. Even with the two losing seasons I easily beat the closing price on the games. But still did not come out with a profit.

Since this will be the first season I will be using these new techniques, I am opening up RickJ’s Handicapping Picks for free to everyone, until the beginning of NCAA FB. Then it will revert back to a subscription only service.

This free subscription is identical to what paying subscribers get.  Plays sent out via my private twitter account, Access to my two slack accounts that have a wealth of information in them. They allow for interaction between subscribers on a wide variety of subjects. Also my stock and option picks are only released on slack , while sports picks you can get via twitter, email, and or slack.

To take advantage of this all you need do is wait until 1 day before opening day of MLB , that is the day I will begin adding anyone to my subscriptions for free. Meanwhile current subscribers have the option to pause their payments until opening day or get a pro rata refund. Either is fine with me.

Or you could just subscribe now and for only $49.00 a month get all my picks and trades. With College Hoops approaching March Madness it would be an excellent source of information to help with your handicapping.

Just go to the PayPal menu at and subscribe. Its that easy. Then when MLB starts your subscription will be paused ready to begin again when day 1 of NCAA FB begins. March 31st is opening day with all the teams in action. So the free signup period begins on March 30th.

If anyone has any questions regarding this you can send me an email

Now lets go through NCAA BB season to date:

Sides 60-49-3
Totals 8-4
Totals 1st half 7-4-1
Combined 75-57-4 or 56.81%

College hoops is having a great season. On Saturday with a full slate of games yesterday I could only come up with 3 plays, going 2-0-1.  College hoops after a slow start has been solid. Anything over 55% winners is suburb and we are at 56.81% heading into today.  I made a few adjustments over the off season like I normally do and they have paid off big time.

In the NBA:

NBA Season to date 2021 Season
Sides 8-7
1st half sides 2-0
Combined Season to date:10-7

As you can see not many plays. Covid and injuries has kept me away from playing the NBA except in certain situations.


NFL 2021
Sides: 24-20
Totals:   4-1
Combined 28-21
Circa Contest
51-41    55.43%
My Bookie Contest
54-35-1  60.67%
All Spread Contest
Wk 1 9-8
Wk 2 9-6
Wk 3 7-9
Wk 4 7-8
Wk 5 7-9
Wk 6 6-8
wK 7 6-7
WK 8 8-7
WK 9 9-5
WK 10 10-4
WK 11  10-4
Wk 12  8-7
Wk 13 10-14
Wk 14 5-9
Wk 15 9-7
Wk 16 9-7
Wk 17 8-8
Wk 18 11-5
Combined all spread
143 129 52.57 %

I was in 3 contests this year. I switched over to Circa and went 51-41 or 55.43% for the season. Not good enough to cash but a solid performance
I also entered the Mybookie contest which had the same format as Circa:  54-35-1 or 60.67%!!!  But still not good enough to cash:(
And then I was in a contest where I pick every game against the spread going 143-129    52.57%. This was the lowest I have done since I started in this contest. Usually I am around the 55% mark.
For plays
A solid NFL Season.  With the Super bowl today and I do have a play on this game.
Then there is the NHL:
NHL Sides 1-7  -6.0
NHL Totals 2-2  -.15
Season to Date NHL  3-9
As you can see I have not been very active in the NHL. Money line sports has a very high variance compared to point spread sports. At least for me. So I have a few methods I use in the NHL but the number of bets its very hard to draw any conclusions.
All in all a very good sports betting season for sports in progress.
My investment side of the service has done extremely well. It is broken up into a variety of different trades. 1. Income trades 2. Mean Reversion trades 3. 2 day short put sale trades and now I am in the process of coming up with an option flow trade. The later is still in the works.
The two day  short put sales are made on Thursday with a Friday expiration. To date I have had 405 trades with 380 winners and 25 losers for a profit factor of 2.18 and a win rate of 93.83% . Up until trade 380 the drawdowns were quite low, but we had our biggest drawdown then and in the process of recovery at this moment.
The income trades are longer term trades and on avg produce about 8% a year in income through Closed end funds. We have had 56 trades to date with 48 winners and 8 losers or 85.71% win rate and a profit factor of 11.12%.   Most not only produce income but Capital gains when exiting.
Mean reversion trades consisted of 35 trades with 23 winners and 12 losers with a win rate of 65.71% and a profit factor of 1.60%   These are quite volatile:)
All of these trades are given to subscribers to RickJ’s Handicapping Picks via Slack
Now lets talk about the Superbowl:
On all NFL Games I send out a road map to help subscribers who handicap the game themselves and to give then an idea where I stand on the game.
The Road Map for todays Superbowl game is:
Rams            58                  -4    -4                    Model edge   Variable edge   Pub % edge
Cincy            42                  49    48.5                 Avg Edge            Avg Edge               No Edge +
So beginning 3/30 a day before opening day in MLB access to RickJ’s Handicapping Picks will be free for everyone until College football begins.  Just send me an email to and I will have you signed up on 3/30. Or if you wish to be part of the service now to get the college hoop picks through march madness you can sign up the usual way through paypal on this site.
I am doing that as MLB is using an entire different method for my overnight picks. Myself I will be wagering around 1/4 a unit on these this season.  Lets see how MLB works out for  2022:)
Good Luck today in the SuperBowl
RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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