The score on alcorn state was posted wrong last night while I was watching the scoring update. They must not have counted the last basket…so a win…and a 3-0 day in ncaa baskets.

Updated ncaa basket stats:

Early Plays
Sides: 5-3-1 +1.85
Totals 12-7 +4.65
Total: 17-10-1 +6.50

Regular Plays
Sides: 7-13 -6.65
Total: 6-0 +6.00

Sides: 30-23-3 +5.85 (56.60%)
Totals: 5-4 +0.80 (55.55%)

Season to date:

Early Plays
Sides: 5-3-1 +1.85
Totals 12-7 +4.65
Total: 17-10-1 +6.50
Late Plays
Sides: 37-36-3 -0.80 50.68
Totals: 11-4 +6.80 +73.33%

Combined early and late play totals:
Sides: 42-38-4 +2.15 52.50%
totals: 24-12-2 +11.15 66.66%

Thanks Jimmy for pointing that out. I would of caught it later when I checked my balances for the day

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