Sweet 16 is hear for NCAA Hoop Sports betting!!! MLB days away, are you ready?

Its sweet 16 time for the NCAA BB Tournament sports betting. And we have had some exciting upsets heading into this weekends games. The biggest, of course, was a 16 seed beating a 1 seed for the first time in NCAA History.

For the NCAA Tournament, I have been sending a breakdown of each game along with any plays. Hopefully, this has been helpful for all that do their own handicapping also.

We are only days away from the start of the MLB Season. March 29th is opening day this year which means overnight plays will start next Wednesday.

If you have not gotten your outs for overnight lines now would be an excellent time to start. For wagering the games during the day of the game it is essential to have a 10c line. However, on overnights, a 20c line will suffice.

Typically these lines tend to move 10 to 50 c in our direction if last season is any indication of what this season will bring. I have been studying these overnights for years and am now ready to make these overnights all 1 unit plays.

The swings will still be there but these have the potential to be the most profitable of all sports I handicap. Of course, this is gambling:) Things can change:) But, I see little reason that these will change.

The edges were just too good last year to think they will change all of a sudden.

In addition, I suspect we will have anywhere from 1 to 5 overnights each day on average. So you want to position size accordingly.

I am getting my spreadsheets all set up so that it will be as streamlined as possible. I want to get these out to you as close to the time the overnights are released. I suspect that my overnight plays, for the most part, will be sent out around 3 to 5 PM PST.

These overnights should start from day 1. However, I have decided not to use them the last month of regular season. The last few years their profitability has dropped off sharply the last month of the season. Logically that makes sense so I am going to take that approach this season.

Also, I am going to run the same special I have run for MLB I ran the last two seasons. The monthly subscription cost to this service is $49.00 a month. This includes all sports I handicap during the time of your subscription.

If I have a losing regular season in MLB I will refund 1/2 of your subscription. The only requirement is that you need to be a subscriber from day 1 of the regular season until the last day of the regular season.  That’s the only requirement.

In addition, as the last two seasons, yearly subscribers will also qualify for this. The refund will be 1/2 of the monthly subscription.

I ran this the last two seasons and knock on wood have not had to pay a refund:) Let’s see if I can go for the hat trick here!

If you want to subscribe just go to the PayPal drop-down on the main page and pick the monthly subscription for $49.00.

As always if anyone has any questions you can contact me at riccja3@gmail.com or skype: riccja

Good Luck Today


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    Great time of years for sports betting fans. Cheers from Sportsbook Advisor. GL with your picks

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