Did you have TCU +8.5 yesterday? One of the biggest upsets of the year. RickJ subscribers did!!!

Did you have TCU +8.5 yesterday? One of the biggest upsets of the year. RickJ subscribers did!!!


5:15 Update

Another big game coming up soon:


#7 Arizona

Betting is 56% on the Dog with the line moving from -2.5 to -2-110. So right off we have >50% on the dog which according to my methods makes me take a look at the favorite UCLA. Models favor Arizona.  Variables favor UCLA  and public betting favors UCLA. No consensus here. I would be more than happy to bet UCLA if the models were even neutral on the game. But since the models point to Arizona I am passing on the game tonight.

3:00 Update

A big matchup coming up in college hoops in an hour:

#14 Duke

#6 N Carolina

Betting is 69% on the favorite with the line moving from -3-110 to -4-115. Models favor N.Carolina, Variables are Neutral and public betting is neutral also. Not much to go on in this game as the models steers us to a 69% public favorite. So, best to take a pass on this game.

Good Luck Whichever side you take!


Thursday we had 2 plays both in college hoops and went 1-1.

We started out fading the #1 team in the country with TCU +8.5. Much to my amazement, TCU stayed close and actually won the game outright 85-82. The upset of the day:)

But then we had Texas A&M +3 and they were blown out 41-66.

So a 1-1 day with an outright win against the #1 team in the country getting the consolation prize:)

Today I have sent out no plays yet.

It is another big slate of games and I will be watching numbers all day to see what I can glean from not only the movements but the interrelationship of the movements. That is what I do and I enjoy it immensely!

We are looking at MLB starting in a few weeks. Now is the time to consider jumping on board with us. Not only do you get to join us for the NCAA Tournament but also qualify for our MLB special. In order to qualify you to have to be a member on opening day.

We had a great time last year in MLB baseball. It became a  proving ground to get your sports betting experience. Nothing like the ups and downs of MLB to harden you for your experience as a sports bettor. Those of you that were with us from day 1 until the last day in MLB know exactly what I am talking about:)

It is a real learning experience and also a good test of where you are as a professional gambler.

The good thing is also that I am here to guide you along the way.

Enough for now, I should have some comments on ranked team matchups later today. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on these posts. Along with some very good follow-up questions.

Good Luck Today


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