Thank You Apple!!!

12:10 Update

Tuesday we went 1-3 on our 1/2 unit plays. Losing with Toronto +109 1-10, Milwaukee +206 3-4 and Arizona +116 2-8. We won with Seattle +121 11-1.

The margin of the games have relatively little value in determining how good and how bad the wager was. There is a lot of randomness in hte final score and I would put little or no weight to the final score. There are some that of course would disagree but the W or L is really the only factor to give much weight to.

Three more days in April and we have had a pretty quiet month for baseball as we are a tad above even. In addition the swing this month from top to bottom so far has bit just under 8 units. That is a pretty quiet month. Most months would have an expectation of 15 to 20 units top to bottom.

Only one early game in MLB baseball today and I see nothing there to wager on. So again today it will be after 4:00. I will update shortly before game times.

Good Luck Today


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As I indicated one of the two risk elements was apple reporting earnings after the close yesterday and they did not disappoint the bears. Apple is off 8% this morning. The glory days of apple is most likely over. Reminds me of when Steve Jobs was fired years ago and apple almost did not recover until he came back and led them to one of the greatest turnarounds in history.

In addition, Apple has the misfortune of alienating 1/2 the population that most likely buys apple products by mixing its political views and social views into the company. That could be the one-two combination that does apple in.  Hard to imagine but I think the people at Microsoft are having a party right now, not that they do not have their own set of problems.

I also see another trend that is very disconcerting and should soon have an effect on the markets. The U.S. is turning into a part-time working nation. After all, who would be crazy enough to hire full-time workers and have to pay the rising cost of health care insurance. In addition, the massive regulations that are coming out of Washington are also affecting full-time employment. And now the move to increase the minimum wage to 15.00 will have a chilling effect on hiring part-time workers let alone small business start-ups. And Finally, you have the advantages of companies moving out of the country to avoid the high regulation and tax advantages.

All of this is taking its toll and if not reversed the social unrest you are seeing now will be nothing to what the U.S. is in store for. Sooner or later the markets will get back to reality and we will see a real plunge. But the timing….it’s always about timing.

Also, I in no mean to express my opinions on any of these issues. These are merely the facts as I see them. You would be very surprised if you learned my opinions on the various issues of the day….but that is not the way I wish to go on this site.

I got stopped out of a few positions yesterday one of which that was off 5% came back and closed up for the day:( That is always a downer.

I still have several positions on and am looking for a turnaround today post FOMC meeting. That would be the typical scenario. Of course, this Fed had been far from predictable.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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