Thank you China!!!

3:10 Update

Wednesday we went 0-2 on our plays. Losing in the NBA and NHL. In college Hoops we had 2 setups and went 1-1. So after a nice 11-2 run in plays.

Tonight is a full schedule of games in college hoops and there a several games that look promising.

I am going to cut short my usually witty comments as today was a long day for me. Up very early and now after handicapping the early games am heading to the sauna and relaxing a bit.

Also as most of you know I do an enormous amount of reading on the web. And I have come across a site that is great. I had read a lot of his writings over the years and he has a lot of insights into human nature and living that he shares. Its well worth taking the time to read a bit of what he shares.

Tell me what you think!

Subscribers I will be sending out plays as normal shortly before game times. Also I have already shared my thoughts on this weekends NFL games. If you have not received them let me know. Finally if your not a subscriber we would really enjoy you joing us. Just hit the paypal button and I will have you up and running within minutes!

When I went to bed last night the market was up 1%. I woke up around midnight and the market was down 1% and now just 20 min before the open we are gaping up barely. It looks like another wild day in the markets. Although it would be nice to avoid another day like yesterday. When the market was down almost 600 it was looking very grim indeed.

Well irregardless of what you think of China and its building military might they did something that the U.S. has turned its back on. China injected 315 Billion ( just a bit more then the cost of our President’s vacations ) into the markets late Wednesday and right now its working!

It will not be long before major world powers get together to demand no more rate hikes in the U.S. The rate hike last month some reasonably intelligent people suggest has triggered the massive liquidity flow out of emerging markets. As the dollar is the reserve currency of the world and the Fed is the de-facto central bank of the world you would think the Federal Reserve would be a bit more careful in its actions and jawboning. As Richard Iley from BNP Paribas stated the Fed tightening has sucked liquidity out and crushed emerging markets, currencies and commodities.

Not bad for just one hike. Yet these quaints at the fed cannot get on TV enough to say that 4 hikes this year may not be enough:) My question is not enough for what?

I have on a small portfolio of stocks with some mean reversion trades. Breakout trades right now are almost non existent. Today its wait to see how the market reacts to the China stimulus. The knee jerk reaction was good. But the jury is out now that the euphoria has worn off.

Have a great day in the markets.

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