The ever changing dynamics of sports betting

Thursday sports betting in MLB we had 4 plays and went 2-2 for +.08 unit. That brings us to + 10.85 Units for the MLB Season to date.
That is over +10 Units in less than a month!
We won with Phil -110 7-0 and Detroit +108 13-8. We lost with Miami +183 3-12 and Seattle +165 2-9.
Today so far we have 5 one unit plays that I sent out for overnight plays yesterday.
Baseball is heating up and it is shaping up to have the potential of a great season for us.
The overnight plays are as solid as I have seen in sports betting. Last season as you recall I started them after the first 6 weeks of the season. This year I started on Day 1. Last season they were 1/2 unit plays and this season they are 1 unit plays.
Sports betting is an interesting endeavor, to say the least. Always adjusting to the ever-changing sports handicapping environment.
If you’re dogmatic you will miss out on the changing environment.
We say this in the NFL over the last several years. What were once no-brainer plays are no still positive EV but not near as good as they were.
I used to laugh when I saw the NFL lines 6 years ago. It was almost too easy. But things have changed and the gravy is now long gone. The popularity of “sharp” betting has taken its toll.
You used to be able to wait until game time if you were contrarian bettor and be confident that the public would move the line even higher.
But now you have to time your wager as the “sharps” are getting into the non-public side earlier and earlier. We are seeing that in almost every sport right now.
Also, the linemakers have to be careful now. It used to be that they could inflate the line knowing the public did not care. But now the “sharps” are preventing them from getting too greedy:)
A lot of things happening now that most do not see. It’s an interesting dynamic and one that promises to keep a sports bettor entertained.
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Either way, I hope to see you join us for a fun MLB Season
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