The Fed is at it again

2:15 Update

Thursday we had 4 plays and two setups. Our College hoop play on E. Kentucky +5.5 was an easy winner as they won by 10! Our NHL plays keep rolling along with a 2-1 day for 1.14 units. Winning with San Jose and Columbus and losing with Minn. Finally our two setups in college hoops both lost.

We are off to a great start in February now on the plus side +4.74 units after just 4 days!

Its a very light schedule tonight but a few games in college hoops look promising. In addition we have another 100 game line up tomorrow. So I had best get to bed early tonight to get ready for the onslaught!

I am happy to say that our group of handicappers since this has become a subscription service have had great results. All you need do is take a look at the results on the right side of the page to get an idea of how we have done. Now that I am handicapping full time it has allowed me to focus in and refine my approach. This has shown dramatic results in the NHL and also conference play in College hoops. Its well known that conference play in college hoops is the most difficult time to handicap baskets. But we have produced results that any other service would envy. Matter of fact one of the top services in the country cuts their college handicapping off about 2 weeks into the college hoop conference play season to start up again around tournament time. Its that difficult to handicap.

I would like all to profit from this service and would like to produce some kind of incentive to all who refer signups to the handicapping service. My thought is a 1/2 month of service for each customer that you refer to this service that signs up for 1 month. All they need do when signing up is give me your twitter handle and I will credit your account for 1/2 month for each new subscriber!

If anyone has any questions about this all you need do is send me an email.

Or if your reading this for the first time or have been following this site for awhile join us and become part of a rare group of handicappers that will be able to say at year end that they are in the 1% that made money handicapping!!! Just hit the paypal button and pick the subscription of your choice. Hope to see you join us.

Best of luck tonight with your handicapping!!!


It appear that between the great jobs report this morning and the Fed back to crazy mode the markets are back into free fall. The jobs report this morning was great. That of course is negative for the forward thinking market participants as it now cements in more rate hikes (as the thinking goes). The we have the Fed back on the speaking circuit announcing they see no reason not to raise rates again in march.

So the result of all of this is the market down -170 as I write this. Of course we have the naysayers that laugh when you mention that this time is really different. And I can relate to that thinking since after all the last 7 years has been incredible run in the markets.

But looking logically at the backdrop of where we stand now it appears to me that this time might actually be different! Massive crushing regulatory environment, large governmental programs increasing the cost of doing business, a closed minded fed that has decided its time to take liquidity out of the markets, and finally a world that is prone to explode at any time in a variety of different places.

Now understanding this do you logically think we are still in an environment that is friendly for the markets?

So what do you do now. My thinking is lighten up and wait. You can use several markers for noticing a change. 1. The Nasdaq leading the Dow on a weekly basis and 2. The markets recovering their 200 day moving average. Now that’s just two indicators there are more. But one thing that is unanimous is that it is a very dangerous time to be long a large portfolio of your net worth.

Myself although my timing was not perfect am out of the market with the exception of about 5 shorts which I exited 3 of them on this move down this morning. I will be looking for tactile trades both long and short with virtually no position trades for now.

If you want to follow my trades just send me an email and sign up for a 2 week free trial.

Now its not a bear market everywhere! In my sports plays we went 3-1 yesterday for a +2.14 unit day. Bringing us to +4.74 units for the month and its only the 5th!!! So a bull market in sports plays right now:) At least for RickJ’s Handicapping Picks.

If you want to take advantage of it the cost is minimal. Just a small monthly subscription. Just hit the paypal button and pick the subscription of your choice.

Hope to see you on Board with us.

Good Luck trading today and more on sports a bit later

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