The Golden Cross has arrived!!!

Noon Update

The first bowl game today starts at 12:30


Betting is 57% on the Favorite with the line moving with the betting from -7 to -7.5. Variables are neutral on the game while models slightly favor Akron. This game is a pass for me.

9:30 Update

Monday we went 2-1 on our plays winning with Detroit +3 in the NFL ( a 70% Favorite finally went down!) and we split in the NBA 1-1.

Today Bowl games start in earnest along with full schedules in all other sports. My days are going to stay very busy for awhile now. But that how I like to be. Busy and doing what I enjoy.

If you want to join in on the fun just hit the paypal button on the upper right and we will welcome you aboard. I have already this morning received some emails regarding my opinion on certain games. Except for game time and even then an isolated game or two only subscribers have access to my opinions on any game they wish to discuss.If you handicap these games yourself that can be an invaluable aid to you to steer you in the right direction.

Subscribers as usual will be sending out plays 1 to 10 min before game time.

Good Luck Today

The market close up over 100 points yesterday but it was a no easy 100 pts. It was up then headed south and finally by the close back up again. If your worrying about every hitch in the market then you are not doing things right. You should send me off an email and I can try to get you on the right track.

Yesterday we had a significant event in that the 50 day MA crossed the 200 day MA to the upside. Its called the Golden Cross when it happens to the upside and the Death Cross to the downside. The names give it a little more significance then what it is but its still a positive when that happens. When your using various systems approach to swing trading without exception they all perform better when the golden cross is in effect.

This is a positive also as it coincides with positive seasonality. Conditions are now setup for a year end rally of some significance. Before you go and unload in the markets their of course is a caveat. Its a positive but nothing new 100%. Its in handicapping terms a variable that helps puts the odds in your favor for trades right now. When your trading or handicapping that is the most you can ask for. There are no sure things in trading or handicapping. Only positive EV situations that still have to take variance into account. Doesn’t seem fair does it:) But again this is the way you should like it as once you have figured winning out you do not want every other punter to catch on also.

I am long a portfolio of stocks along with some swing and mean reversion trades. I intend to take new trades as they set up in this positive environment.

The market is up almost 1/2 % 30 min before the open. Not much news today and more importantly their is not fed governor scheduled to speak. So maybe we will get a gap and go today. That would be a nice follow through day after a good day yesterday and a golden cross signal.

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