The rally that is going to last forever!

12:30 Update

A busy day yesterday with 3 one unit plays and 1 1/2 unit play. It was looking pretty grim as the first 3 plays lost. But we recovered somewhat with the last play of the day San Diego +132 winning as a 1 unit play. So when all was finished we were -1.38 Units.

We had an afternoon 1/2 unit play today that is still going on and tonight should be active also. I will update a bit later.

I have been getting questions from new subscribers about the must read the portion of the site and what it means.

My suggestion is before subscribing to read it over as it pretty much rules out this site being for sports bettors that are undisciplined. I can help in any way I can by giving guidance but the end question is going to be, do you have the discipline to become a winning sports bettor. It’s far from easy as not only do you have to come up with positive EV plays but then which for some is even tougher have the discipline to win with them over the long haul.

What that usually means is throwing your ego out the window as step 1. Then adopting a methodology that takes the human element out of the equation. I am here to help with both.

So if you’re on the fence right now the first thing to do is read over the must read portion. Then we can discuss whether a membership to our group is a good fit for you.

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

Toward the middle of February, the World was coming to an end. The markets were in free fall to the extent that the fall from Jan 1st was the worst ever in such a short period of time for 1st of the year.

I made the mistake of jettisoning my portfolio stocks that I keep from Nov 1 until May 1 each year as even I thought “This time is Different”.

And it was different. In record time, the market has made up the loss and broken out to new highs for this move. The moral is that this market is a tough one to trade! It’s fine for swing trades 1 to 3 days out but for position trades much too unpredictable. Certainly I could have stuck with the trades put on in November and in retrospect and historically I should of. But even a disciplined trader when confronted with extreme situations, ones that are the first-time occurrence, can lose their objectivity.

That’s why position sizing is crucial. It minimizes the downside and also minimizes human emotion to get involved. If there was ever a silver bullet in trading that is it. So many people look for indicators that will promise them easy money. They look for gurus to lead them the way to wealth. Where right in front of everyone is a simple technique that is far better than anything you will find. Position sizing…..and yet most people ignore it….Human Nature again at work to sabotage success:)

Enough rambling this morning. The market is slightly up a few min before the open. I am short several stocks for swing trades. In addition, I am looking at a mean reversion trade short in IEV but not quite at the point, I want to pull the trigger.

The market is overbought but there are variables that point to higher prices also. So a mixed bag and with that scenario I will need a more extreme overbought reading to short an index. Sounds logical to me:)

Good Luck Today


RickJ’s Handicapping Picks

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