We lost our lean on Baltimore Wedn in a blowout. Today only 1 home dog and nothing there I can see.

Nothing in the Nhl today.

Poker Comments:

Your Edge

One of the things I like to do in a game is figure out where my edge is
with each player in the game. Once you figure this out you can adjust your
playing style against that player to maximize your win rate.

This edge you figure out needs to be tweaked often since many players
change there playing style day to day and even hour to hour:)

Against some players your edge is simply to turn over the best hand. These types
of players play substandard hands and just wont fold. Ive often thought
with some of the players I play with they are more inclined to call 3 bets
cold then a limp since there is more money in the pot to win. On the other extreme I saw a player about 2 years ago fold for 3 bets a24k. He just didnt want to get
involved before the flop for 3 bets! Unfortunately for him..the cards hit the dealers hand when he through them in and turned over face up!

So then against players where your edge is to turn over the best hand…thats what you do. No moves…no raising to get them out….just have a better hand and beat them. A simple straight forward game.

Against the tight players…you loosen up a bit…and bluff them from time to time. Also if you get action from them be careful. So your edge is to not give them action unless you have a premium hand and to bluff and move them out of the pot when warranted.

Against tricky players….your edge is to let them trick themselves. You play a straight forward game….and beat them.

Against top players that are aggressive with good hands….your edge usually is that they tend to overplay there hands…..so you dont want to tip them off what you have….let them bet and you call.

Often times your edge is in how other players perceive you. I am often amused how some players go out of there way to try to create an action image. By doing this you give up your ability to pick up small pots and occasionally a big pot with next to nothing.

Myself I always like to be perceived as the tightest player at the table. You would be amazed at how you can pick up many small pots with no contest because everyone knows you have a big hand. And the best part is…..it takes a long time for anyone to catch on and many never do.

A good way to indoctrinate the other players into this line of thinking is whenever you are headup and the other player folds at the end….if you have a big hand …show him.
This will simply reinforce the above strategy.

Now….if you have done your analysis and cannot figure out an edge that you have over half the table…move on to another game! Or if you try to figure it out and just cant get the logic right in your head….quit playing poker. Poker is a game of logic….and if your not a logical thinker you are at a huge disadvantage.

Good Luck Today

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