Nothing the last few days. Again today there is one nhl game that could develop into a play. I will update later if anything develops. Nothing I can see in the football tonight either.

A Comment:

“Rick, do you value the old adage in NBA that most players “don’t try til the playoffs”? Does that affect your handicapping, i.e how their record affects their effort? In the NFL for instance, most players give all out effort until maybe the very end of the season.

Same can be said for MLB, as it’s rumored that lots of players goof off when they’re on the road (may be a reason why your home dogs are so profitable!)”

My response:

I doubt if that is true. There is just too much competition in professional sports for any player to give less then 100%. For each player there are probably 100s waiting to take that persons place.

Now intensity probably defines it better. Hard to maintain intensity consistently for the entire season.

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