Nothing Wedn but today there will be some plays. A possibility in the mlb game tonight…and should be a few nhl plays. Since the Volume of betting is so light in the nhl I am going to wait until later in the day to put out the nhl plays.

The standings came out in The hilton and Leroys nfl contest. I am tied for 24th in the Hilton contest and tied for 13th in Leroys. Not a bad position to be in after week 6.

A Comment:

“Rick – a question: I produce figures for soccer which have made money the last few years on the UK soccer major leagues.

My model is fairly complex but doesn’t involve anything to do with neural nets. I was hoping to possibly improve my modelling by incorporating some neural net analysis. Could you give me some pointers to where I should start – presumably by reading a few hundred books on the subject?!? :)”

My Response:

I would forget the books. I would spend some time putting together exactly what you want. Sort of a flow chart with what you would anticipate your model to look like. Then when you have all the variables listed you wish the program to take a look at and use in its analysis….locate on the internet the places where the data is located and updated.

Then you have two choices….there are several programs that can be modified to your preferences. Just do an internet search and you will come up with several. Then do a search for reviews on these programs. When you have decided on one. You then have a few options:

Buy the program and attempt to do the changes yourself. If you dont have programming experience this is going to a very time consuming and error prone process.

What I would recommend is go to “rent a coder” and detail the assignment you wish the coder to undertake. Within a short time you will have bids from various coders throughout the world with there background and experience.

When you decide on a coder…..then tell him the software package you wish to use. And he can either take that software and modify it…or start from scratch with a program. You can discuss with him what options he feels is best. Also you can have him incorporate an automatic data entry from the sites you have located that have the variables you need.

The cost of all this is going to be pretty reasonable since your using rent a coder. The programmers there are very competitive in there bids. If you were to go to a programming company here in in the U.S It would cost you 10 to 20 times what you will get with rent a coder.

I hope this gives you a good start on your project.

Twitter: rickjsportplays

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  • mouldhouse

    Rick – thanks very much – very helpful

  • DocuMaker

    Just so you know, Rent a Coder is now Vworker:

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