Our college hoop plays went 1-2 on Wedn. Boston college blew a 15 pt lead midway through the 2nd half and only won by 2. Texas Tech was a clear cut loss and the end game in ball st went our way.

There was a nice surprise in the nba…..our sides went 2-0 and our total was again an easy winner.

Today nothing I can see in college hoops….most likely no nhl play and probably another nba total.

Tonight in the nfl……

In the old days I would of backed up the truck… it all on Indy -3 and spent all my winnings before the game started. Thats how good Indy looks…and the public agrees….they are an amazing 91 percent on indy.

But I am older and (arguably) wiser now….and I have put Tenn +3 in as a Hilton pick and if the public numbers hold up I will bet them later in the day and most likely be getting +3.5

First…..It probably came as no surprise to the bookmakers that the public would be all over indy. And yet Pinnicle put out the opening line at -2.5 even. Yes you could of layed less then 3 with no juice on the opener. Are the books trying to tell us something?

2nd….every one of the things I look at point to Tenn tonight. This is one of those occasions where every instinct you have is telling you to bet indy with an easy win…but handicapping techniques are telling me the exact opposite. Am I going to go down the path with the public….not a chance:)

If these numbers hold up I will be betting my normal 1 unit…on tenn. Now …one caveat….a few years ago these setups were very good. Tenn would of won by 3 touchdowns with this setup a few years ago. But over the last few years things have adjusted and this hasn’t been the no brainer it used to be. But I still feel its a strong positive ev play.

Remember you are not investing in AAA rated securities…your betting on a ball game where anything can happen and usually does!

Good Luck Today

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  • Anonymous

    The only thing that scares me off of Tennessee is motivation. Given how bad their QB situation is, I wonder how motivated they are to win? Imagine them tanking the season and getting Ryan Mallet in the draft…

  • Anonymous

    yes thats it.. All the Tennessee players were told by the coach to take it easy and embarrass themselves on national television so they can draft Ryan Mallet who will be fighting for a job currently held by a Tennessee player.

  • Eric

    Hi rick, quick q. I'm having trouble deciding between betting +3 +110 and +3.5 -110 on titans. Which do u think is more +EV? Thx.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they are definitely embarrassing themselves

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