Thurs plays

Right now the only game that could be a play is Cinci…but detroit is close enough that it could swing into a play…but unlikely. Dallas is nowhere close to being a play.

An email:


First off I’d like to thank you for keeping your blog updated on a daily basis. I have been a follower for over a year now and really appreciate your analysis.

I have a question for you regarding NFL betting and coaching changes. Do you factor a coaching change into playing or not playing a game?

I bring that up because The Dallas Cowboys were lifeless until they made a coaching change and since they covered the last two weeks. Now The Minnesota Vikings have done the same. It seems like a replacement coach can have a big impact on a team’s morale and I wanted to get yours thoughts.

Good luck in the Hilton the rest of the season!”

My response:

My approach is very numbers oriented. But not the numbers most use. And aside from numbers there are other variables I look at that are quantifiable as opposed to psychological factors as it relates to motivation.

Saying that one of the variables I look at does take into account indirectly factors like coaching changes etc. But only indirectly…but enough to have an impact in some cases.


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  • Anonymous

    This may be an out there type request but is it possible to skip the "nothing yet" tweets because I drop everything when I get a tweet or on weekends I am awaken when I get a tweet. I figure some of this may apply to others as well? So if you could just hold the tweets to actual plays? Again I know this request may be a bit much to ask but i just thought I would put it out there.

    Thanks for considering………

  • Anonymous

    I find the nothing yet tweets to be helpful. I know I have not missed anything and I know to look for or not look for picks later. Just my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous

    Well me I would prefer the no tweet because I am on a late schedule so I have my cell next to me for the tweets and it wakes me. I would never bring it up but since it is a discussion…. Although I can see the purpose of the "no plays today" tweet, the "nothing yet" isn't necessary. Also you can put either of those on the blog and just reserve the tweets for actual plays rather than recaps or status updates. In fact I would leave off the NBA of the tweets too since those aren't actual plays either. I would just put all that on the blog and if someone wants to know, they know where to look for NBA and/or updates as to status for the day.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, well I think I agree with the above comment. It would be cool if the tweets were just the hot messages coming in. So just the actual betable(is that a word?)plays and nothing else. That and everything else on the blog. Although this is not about what we want. We are just here for the ride. And Rick definitely is an E ticket(old time Disneyland reference).

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