4:30 update

Arizona +6.5 is one of my hilton picks this week. 65 % of the public is on Seattle. The line on cris opened at 6.5 and is now 4.5. On pinnacle 4.5 to now 4.5. So we have a reverse line move on cris.

My models show the game to now be fairly valued. In addition some strong variables point to Arizona.

It was my 5th choice in the hilton contest. For me if I were betting the game it would be Arizona or pass. I am passing.

3:30 update

Thursday NHL play
1/2 unit
Edmonton +132

10:30 Update

one College game tonight…The public is 78% on Miami today with the line 8 to 9.5 on Pinn and 7.5 to 9.5 on Cris. I really would like to bet on N Carolina with only 18% of the public on them …but my models show Miami to be undervalued. So tonight a Pass for me.

On the nfl game tonight I am going to wait until about 30 min before game time to comment on the game. The line for some reason is falling on the game over the last hour or so. I am going to wait until the line settles down on the game.

Wedn we had no plays.

Thursday MLB Play
1 Unit
919 BOS-J Lester +105
920 -A Sanchez

Also two football games tonight. I will update a bit later this morning.

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