1:30 Update

Three college football games tonight.

Public Numbers
Cen Fla 74% -17 to -17.5 On Pinn -14.5 -17.5 Cris -18 bovada

My models show the game to be fairly valued. My variables point slightly to Rutgers. This game is a clear cut pass for me.

Rice 85% -19 to -17.5 even on Pinn -14 to -17.5 Cris Bovada -17.5

My models show the game to be fairly valued. The variables I look at are split on the game. A clear coin flip despite the Huge public number on Rice.

UNLV 60% -1 to -2.5-110 on Pinn 0 to -2.5 on Cris -3+105 Bovada

Models show air force to be slightly over valued. My variables do not point to either side. A clear cut pass.

One game tonight in the NFL:

New Orleans 78% -7 to -9.5+113 on Pinn -7 to -7.5 Cris -9-120 Bovada

My models show New Orleans to be quite a bit over valued. In addition everything else I look at points to Atlanta tonight.

The lines are not very consistent across books. There are 9s avail, 9.5-120, a few 7.5. But appears the +8 would be a widely available number.

This is pick for me in the Hilton contest at +9. I am also putting the game out as a 1 unit play.

Thursday NFL Play
1 Unit
Atlanta +8

Wednesday we had two leans and both lost. Neither were close.

Today nothing yet…I have had a busy morning trading so have not had a lot of time to work on the games today. But I should get caught up soon.

I will comment this afternoon on college football. Also will have some things to say on the NFL game in a bit.

Looking over the games today however briefly…most likely nothing in college hoops, maybe a play in the NBA or NHL.

I will post a bit later.

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