We lost both our mlb games on Wedn and also lost our tracking play on the total in L.A. A light schedule today. I will look it over after the market opens. For those of you that are wondering when things are going to start heading back up in baseball…your guess is as good as mine:) All you can do is manage your money and stick with what has worked in the past. To put it in perspective after almost 3 months we are down about 2 units. Nothing to get concerned about. If at the end of the season I don’t show a profit…then its time to reevaluate.

It appears we are going to get a very ugly day in the market today. Right now the market is down 1.30% about 30 min before the open. And it keeps heading lower. Our swing trades are down to 1 so we are well positioned there. Also our insider trades are down to 7 but I suspect they will take a hit today. Its been rough sledding in the markets the last 7 weeks. But our swing trades are holding just above an average of +1.3 percent on a 4 to 6 day average hold. We are almost at the point where I will be looking to put on more swing trades.

A comment:

“hey Rick, just wondering why you cutdown from 10 swing trades to 1 in a relatively short time period. Is it because you think the market is headed down after the 6 straight down weeks? I don’t recall you only having 1 active swing trade since you started putting them out.”

Its really the way these swing trades work. When the market is rallying you exit…and when it is dropping you start adding onto positions. We are almost there to the point where I wish to start putting on positions. The advisors I follow seem to indicate this rough period is a correction as opposed to the start of a bear market. Now…….they are at times dead wrong….but are right more often then not.

Another Comment:

“I’ve been visiting your new site and started actually visiting your blog some years ago and in my opinion your a very sharp man and someone I feel I have a lot in common with you in that we’re both grinders. I play a lot of the same (Games) stuff you do. So with all due respect I’ve wanted to tell you this for the longest time.

I have been grinding sports for many years and the most important think you have to do in order to be successful is to get the best of the number a high % of the time. Knowing which way the number is going to move a high % of the time and then waiting for what you feel is the apex. In my opinion you could use a little work in that area.

Tonight I also have the Marlins but I have them at +120. I see your games everyday and a lot of times we have the same games (I told you we have things in common) but I always have the better number and at worst I have the same number. June 19th you bet Boston with Wakefield and Laid -115 I also had Boston at -106 It’s all about the numbers and with your education in gambling I know that you fully understand me.

I also know you play a lot of poker so you may not feel you have the time but with Laptops, IPads Etc: I take my numbers with me and play when I feel I have the best of it. I enjoy your stuff and wish you the very best moving forward.

PS: Love the girls!”

Yes I understand fully:) The numbers I put out on the site are what 90% of the people that follow the picks should be able to get easily. Myself I almost without exception get a better number. The record that I post is based upon the what I post on the site…not what numbers I get myself.



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