7:00 Update

One more game left

Eastern Washington

Models point to Georgetown…variables point to georgetown and betting points to Georgetown with only 24% of the betting on Georgetown. There are a few negatives however which keep it from being a one unit play

Thursday NCAA hoop play
1/2 Unit
Georgetown -8

5:50 Update

NC State

Models slightly favor NC State….Variables are neutral …betting is 62% on NC State with the line moving from -1.5-106 to -2 -110. A pass


Models favor Hampton….Variables favor Hampton….Betting is 50-50 with the line moving from -32.5-106 to -34.5-113

Bet or Pass
Hampton +34.5


Models are split on the game with a slight edge on arkansas….. Variables favor Wofford …betting is 54% on Arkansas with the line moving from -6.5-106 to -7.5-102. Game is a pass for me

One game left after this and I will update shortly before game time.

3:30 update

Bet or pass

Lafayette +22

1:30 update

Ohio st

Models favor vcu…variables are split but favor vcu..betting is 57% on the dog with he line moving from -2.5-106 to -3.5-106…public betting favors Ohio st. A pass

12:50 update

Models favor miss variables favor miss betting is on the dog at 58% with the line staying steady at -2 -106. Betting favors Xavier . A pass

11:50 update

Models are split. Varables favor UCLA betting is 65% on smu with the line moving from from -2.5 -106 to -4 -102 a pass

11:30 update


Models favor butler. Variables are split.
Betting is 60 % on Texas with the line moving from Texas -1-106 to Texas -2.5 -105. A pass

9:50 Update

Georgia State

Models are split. Variables favor Baylor. Public betting 65% on Baylor with the line moving -7.5 -106 to -8.5-108 A Pass

Texas Southern

Models split. Variables favor Texas Southern. Betting is 64% on Arizona with the line moving from -22.5 -1036 to -23.5 -108 A pass

9:30 Update

Iowa State

Models are split on the game. Variables are split with the edge to Iowa State. Public betting leans towards UAB. 70 of the betting is on Iowa state with the line moving form -12.5 -106 to -14-110. A pass for me.

Nothing developed on Wednesday…not only that nothing was even close. Today also nothing in the NBA or NHL.

There are a few games today in college hoops that have potential but they are all after 4:00. But I am going to try
to stay up on these today with running through each game if I have time. I will most likely be heading into the Venetian today so might miss a few games:

First game today starts in about 45 Min.

Notre Dame

Models are split on the game equally. Variables are also split with an edge to Notre Dame. Public betting favors NorthEastern. The betting is 78% on Notre Dame with the line moving from -12-106 to -11.5-110. So as of right now we have a reverse line move. I am passing on this game as what I look at points to both directions. Now there is still 45 min before the start of the game but the only change I can see would be to eliminate the reverse line move if the line moved back to -12. So will not effect anything for me.

Good Luck Today

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