1:50 update

Thursday mlb plays
Cleveland +102
Arizona +126

Swing trade update

200 sso 66.67

Wednesday we won our MLB play on the over in the texas game.

Today a light schedule and nothing in the early games. I will update later this afternoon if any plays or setups develop.

In MLB I have a number of variables I look at to decide where there may be value. I use a rating scale of 0-5 with several variables as absolute before making a play.

To give you an idea:

In the early games: Det Oak 0 Baltimore .5 Minn 1

I need at least a 2.5 to consider wagering on a game. These numbers change throughout the day as the variables change.

In the markets the dow is down 105 as I write this. I am very close to putting on the first half of a swing in SPY using SSO which is a 2x SPY index to the long side.

I am not going to put the trade on now as so far the day is shaping up to be a trend day down. So my trade will be near the close if I take it. I am risking an early reversal to the upside and missing the trade but with the advance/decline at -1600 the more likely risk is to the downside. So I am going to be conservative and see what things look like near the close. Of course if the greek drama gets worked out before the close or Yellen announces no rate hike until mid 2016 the market will reverse and most likely close up good for the day. But still going to be conservative.

Good Luck Today

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