7:00 Update

We started out the MLB season about as bad as it could be.

April -5.62 Units
May -8.27 Units

Then things turned around in June for +11.17 Units

July so far is -.30 Units.

So if your wagering the same amount on all plays you are off a little less then 3 units for the season. If you wagered 1/4 units for the first two months then 1/2 units you are up for the first half of the season.

I know people were grumbling after the first two months but its MLB. The swings tend to be much bigger. Also baseball according to some of the biggest books I know …As One told me personally ” Rick…almost no one beats baseball and if they do its for a very small amount”!!!

Now…Since I started quantifying the games things have stabilized. Whether its because of the change in method or the uncertainty of players when the season starts who knows. Its probably a combination of both.

In any event I am optimistic for the 2nd half of the season…..We will see:)

One more day until the start of the 2nd half of the MLB season. I got side tracked yesterday and had to leave the house early. I will give my comments on the 1st half of the season after the market settles down this morning.

The markets right now look like they are going to gap up about 1/2 a Percent. I am short two stocks …I am break even on 1 and have about a 3% gain on the other. The first that is around break even I have had on for 4 days and the 3% gain starting the 2nd day. On the 2nd trade I have sold 1/2 my position and moved my stop up to break even. I plan on raising the stop again today.

Its too early to consider swing trade longs as the market is overbought right now. But over the last few days the market has been working off its overbought condition. Once we get oversold even in the slightest I plan on exiting both my trades if not sooner.

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