Wednesday was a busy day. We went 4-2 on our College Hoop Totals. 1-1 on our NHL Plays and 1-0 on our NBA Play. Our NBA Setup was also a winner! In the NHL both were dogs so we picked up .20 in the NHL. 2 units in college hoops and 1 unit in the nba.

College hoops has been coming along nicely this season. NBA has been spot on. Not many plays or setups but when they develop they have been winning. And the NHL…..a grind of course but a positive one. I could not be any happier with the way things have developed since turning my plays into a subscriber based system. It allows me to spend more time with my handicapping and also spend more money on software and hardware in addition to getting much more detailed data to work with. I really appreciate the subscribers as it allows me to spend more time on what I enjoy most….Handicapping!

Its not too late to sign on. This is the ideal time as you have all the major sports except baseball going right now. I do not charge per sport like most services do. But only per month. So you can pick and choose what sports you want to follow at a very low cost.

Enough promoting. Today is Thanksgiving and I will be traveling today. For subscribers I will have my Ipad with me and also will have Wifi on the plane so we should not miss a beat on plays. I will be sending the plays out all day. I also will be traveling back on Saturday but the same thing. We should not miss anything.

Today 3 NFL Games to watch:


Betting is 64% on Detroit today with the line moving with the betting from Phil -1 to Detroit -2.5. My models have the number to bet just right at -2.5. Variables are split on the game pointing to both sides. The game is as close to a tossup for me as any of the games today. A clear cut pass


Betting is 71% on Carolina with the line moving with the betting from -1.5 to -1. Models favor Carolina. Variables strongly favor Dallas. In addition you have 71% of the betting on the dog! As you know if you have been following me that is a big red flag if you like the dog. However my models have been pretty accurate this season and it has kept me away from some losing plays. And today might be one of them as they favor Carolina. I am going to pass on the game but I really have to use all my will power not to bet Dallas! Again a Pass

Green Bay

Betting is 61% on Green Bay with the line staying steady at -8. It was -8.5 yesterday. Models slightly favor green bay. Variables strongly favor the Bears. This is again a situation where the models are keeping me away from the bears. However I did put the bears +8.5 in the hilton contest. But it was tied for 4 and 5. Far away from the top 3. So I will be routing for Chicago today but not betting them. A Pass again.

It will be interesting to see if the models steered me away from winners today.

Also we have two games today in College Football:

Texas Tech

Betting is 72% on Texas tech and the line has moved with the betting from -1 Texas to -1 Texas Tech. Models slightly favor Texas Tech. Variables are neutral. This game is a pass

S. Florida
C. Florida

Betting is 84% on S. Florida with the line moving with the betting from -22.5 to -23. Models are neutral, variables are neutral. Despite only 17% of the betting on C. Fla this game is a pass. No edge I can see on the game.

Best of luck today! And subscribers again I will be sending out plays 1 to 10 min before game times.

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