Final Update:

Thurs NHL Plays
1/2 Unit
Phoenix -114

3:30 Update

Thurs College Hoops
1 Unit Plays
569 St. Peters +13
571 Marist +16.5

Thurs NHL PLays
1/2 Unit Play
Florida +130

There was no plays on Wedn. Unlike Wedn there are a number of games that are likely to be plays both in college hoops and the NHL.

I will update most likely around 3:30 pst with any plays.

Since its a slow morning let me respond to an email.

I was in town a week ago and played Omaha 8 at the Venetian. I was hoping to run into you and say hi. Its the first time I can recall not running into you when I was in town over the last 10 years or so. Are you OK?”

I am playing very little live poker now. Matter of fact I have played maybe twice in the last 6 months. I am spending much more of my time concentrating on trading stocks as I am up around 5 A.M. Monday thru Friday getting ready for the trading day. Then at 1:00 when the market closes needless to say its been a long day already:)

So usually I am off to the gym for a workout. And then back to take a look at the ball games.

Its a completely different schedule for me then the last 10 years. I may start playing again part time but only if they get the limits up in Omaha 8. About the only steady game now is 8-16 with a 4.00 rake per hand. There really is not much if any profit there for anyone at that limit in the long run.

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