Final Update

Thursday College Hoops
1/2 Unit
532 Troy +12

3:30 Update

Thursday NHL Play
1/2 Unit
Florida -110

Well…back to the land of the living. Gall Bladder surgery is no piece of cake:)

I am not 100% today but should be in a few days. If anyone wants to know about the quality of care given in las vegas hospitals just let me say if your life depends upon their care you are a big dog!

I did take a look at the totals this morning in college hoops and their was nothing there. Expect an update around 3:30.

Good to be back in action!

Twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • adam

    Welcome back Rick.


    Glad you’re back – concerned something happended to you, with no comments for four days – –

  • Bruce

    Glad your feeling better. Healthcare in Nevada leaves quite a bit to be desired. There is a severe physician shortage.

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