10:00 Update
Thursday MLB Play
1/2 unit
923 – Y Gallardo
924 – HOU – L Harrell +110

Thursday MLB Total Tracking setup A ( I do not bet these)

Houston O 7.5 -120

Wednesday we won our 1 Unit play on Minn +122 in an easy 7-4 win.

Today as yesterday there is nothing clear cut this morning but several potential plays. So I will monitor the lines and public movement throughout the day and if anything becomes clear will update. I am doing the update from my ipad at the Rio…so not putting in the Pitchers. Just a quick update.

Wednesday MLB Totals System setups B ( I do not bet these)

St Louis U 7.5 -105

Poker Comment:
” Playing the Victim”

I have seen it time and again…..Poker players making comments…why am I so unlucky, why does it have to happen to me, why is that guy running so good all the time, i am so unlucky, if only the cards would break even.

You get the gist of it. Humans love playing the victim since it absolves them of the responsibility of what is happening to them. Let me be as clear as a can…..If you find yourself playing the victim as a poker player….you are creating a mindset that is going to make it impossible to be a profitable player. Its a downward spiral from there.

First…….you are not the victim. There are no victims at the poker tables. Just players that win and some that lose. Poker players are responsible for their actions whatever the outcome. Most players lose because they are not positive ev players. Many lose because they play higher then they should. On a day to day basis positive ev players lose because of variance. Its as simple as can be.

There is a very positive attribute to the victim role if you can objectively evaluate your psych. It should act as a red flag if you start thinking that way…a big red flag. Its time to stop….pull back from the tables and get your thinking straight immediately.

The idea is to separate yourself from 90% of the poker playing humans that love to play the victim. Use it as a positive to step back for some self evaluation getting your mind right.

Variance can play tricks on the mind…especially in the unsophisticated. Even the sophisticated get sucked in from time to time. So be aware of it and deal with it.

As one full time player told me when I first started playing poker….after a series of losing sessions…and hearing me moan and groan about how unlucky I was….He said…..if you cannot take the day to day swings….you have to quit the game! I remember that advice to this day.

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