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“I think I’m going to have to quit you for MLB. This run is pretty brutal.”

Its certainly been the biggest and quickest downswing we have had in quite awhile. But over the last 7 or 8 years I have been posting its not even close to the largest downswing.

One of the things I concentrate on besides putting out plays is money management. It applies to all forms of gambling whether its poker or betting on sports. Its absolutely essential to bet an amount that is comfortably within your bankroll

The best way to do this is to set aside an amount for betting. So lets say you want to set aside 5,000. Then bet 2 or 2.5 % of the bankroll size on each wager. Now when you do this if 5,000 is tough to come by you do not want to be betting 100 a game.

This way you can determine what is comfortable for you. If its 1,000 then you should be starting out betting 20.00 a game. For some it might be 100,000 then you start out betting 2,000 a game.

But the initial amount you set aside should be an amount that is no consequence to you if you lose it!

For me these downswings are just at worse just an intellectual exercise in what might be going wrong. The money is of no concern…and that is the way it should be for you.

Finally let me mention that the above advice is far more important then my actual plays. If you get the above right you will be a step ahead of about 99% of the sports bettors out there.


Wedn we split on our half unit plays 1-1 winning with toronto +125 and losing with the white sox.

Our road dog A tracking setup lost and our home favorite tracking setup won.

The home dog tracking setups went 1-2. I stayed off of the cubs.

Thursday MLB Play
1/2 Unit
Milwaukee +135

Thursday MLB Road Dog A Tracking Setup ( I do not bet these)

Mets +129

Thursday MLB Road Dog C tracking setup ( I do not bet these)

Kansas City +178

Another game close to a plays and another close to a tracking setup. I will update if either become clear.

Good Luck Today

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