Thursday Bowl Games

Three Bowl games today…nothing looks very good for a play.

Bowling Green
San Jose St

The public is on San Jose St 59% and the line has stayed pretty steady at -7.5

This is a game where my models are so far different that it might be Bowling Green! My models show over two touchdowns for San Jose. Usually when they are this far off you should consider the other side. I know that sounds counterintuitive…but remember its sports betting!

In addition the variable I told you was 5-1 is now 5-3 in the bowl games and points to Bowling green.


59% of the public is on Cinci and the line has moved from -7.5 to -9.5. Everything I look at is split on the game. A clear cut pass for me.


the public is about even on the game 52% in favor of UCLA. The line opened at -2 and is now -3. For me today it would be UCLA or nothing. The variable that is 5-3 is even stronger on UCLA today.

A comment:

“I know you were trying to help, but there’s one big problem with trying to get that service’s plays in the manner you mentioned… The books move lightning fast and it’s already hard to get bet those pays if you are a paid subscriber. Waiting to see the board move and then getting the original line is virtually impossible unless you have a slow-moving books. Also, they had no releases yesterday, so you may wind up playing random games that happen to steam around 8:00 pt (i.e. your guess that they were on SF yesterday). Just trying to add some helpful info before anyone decides trying this. Hope you had a merry Xmas!”

I agree with a lot of what you say. However I think if you played the 8:00 AM Steam the first 30 days it just might be very profitable. But let me take your concerns one at a time:

1. Books move lighting fast ..hard to get these numbers.

Yes…that why paying the 1600 for the season unless you have instant way to bet is just as good as betting 8 steam. The games are typically so good the first 30 days you can bet after the move and it remains profitable.

2 Playing random games. Not necessarily random but steam from another site is possible. But Most of the games will be from the site I am suggesting which should overcome any unprofitable steam.

Lets track these starting with San fran…..

8:00 Steam


Today the steam is Troy -5

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