“To Be or Not to Be” What will the Fed do!

4:50 Update

Another game tonight involving a top 25 team:

Number 17 Louisville
at Virginia Tech

Betting is 71% on the home dog and the line has move against the betting from -8 to -10. Now to start off I have to say that is an unusual set of numbers we are looking at . A road favorite with only 29% of the betting on them and the line moves from -8 to -10! As most of you know when the betting is heavy on the dog that is a red flag to say the least to stay away from the dog. Again for me however my models and variables do not point in either direction. But its hard to fade the above setup with the dog. I am passing on the game

3:50 Update

Number 5 Texas AM is at Arkansas in an early 4 oclock game. Betting is 71% on the road Favorate and the line has moved contrary to the betting from -3.5 to -3. Variables are absent on the game and models do not show any clear cut edge. However we have a nice reverse line move on the game that would point to the home dog. But since that is all that is going on in the game for me I am passing. But its not a bad variable to have on your side!

3:40 Update

Tuesday we went 1-2 on our plays with College hoops going 1-1 winning with Wake Forest +7.5 and losing with Texas Tech +12.5. Our play in the NHL on Toronto +147 lost.

We are in a small drawdown period right now which is far from unusual. Its just the nature of the ebb and flow of betting. If your graphing your results you should be seeing higher lows and higher highs throughout the year. And that is where we are at right now. Every once in awhile your going to hit a long cold spell but fortunately I have been able to avoid those except in a very few instances. The key is to not diverge from you money management skills. And if you need a refresher just reread the Must read portion of this site. And if you still have any questions I am here to give you guidance. My goal is for all of us to have winning years year after year. I feel a personal responsibility to guide everyone to that result.

So far since this site becoming a subscriber site I am very satisfied with the result. Not from a monetary standpoint but from a standpoint of being more readily available for guidance and also being part of a group I wish to help to become great handicappers.

If your on the fence give us a try and join a group of bettors that not only have fun with this but are making money! Just hit the paypal button on the upper right and I will have you up and running right away.

A bigger schedule of games tonight so should be interesting plays. For subscribers I will update shortly before game times.

Good luck everyone on tonights games!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for. The Fed is set to tell the world what its policy will be today at 11:00 pacific time. The 250 point rally yesterday displays the naviety of the investor class in thinking Janet Yellen and Company is going to let themselves look bad and announce so fast a shift in policy.

The carnage in the markets both here and abroad has not fazed Yellen. She has done nothing to calm the markets why start all of a sudden today. But of course stranger things have happened.

The 250 point rally is in jeopardy to be erased today as Apple gave a conference call after the close last night. If you want to know the gist of what their CEO said just look at Apples price premarket. No need to look I will tell you…Down 4%. Cooke did not paint a bright picture going forward for the world economy either. Unless you want to start losing sleep at night I would not read the text of his announcement.

I am lightly in the market now. I am out of my portfolio of stocks and all mean reversion trades. All I have now is an income naked short weekly put trade that is working out nicely, A short trade , and a very light position long oil.Its a starter position but have not felt the need to add to it yet. But we are getting there.

If your a gambler you will love the drama leading up to the Fed announcement. The reaction either way should be “Huge”. I would love to see what the line is on the Fed disposition. Me I would make the odds of the fed reversing course and becoming dovish today at……lets say 4 to 1 against:)

We will see!

Have a good Day trading today

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