Yesterday we went 0-2 on our plays. Today 1 play so far:

G Floyd
924 BAL – JJ Reyes +118

I am off to Hawaii this morning so if there are no updates before 9 pst that will be it for the day.

A comment:

“Thanks for all the picks you posted on twoplustwo over the years. It’s a shame a few posters drove you away. There are a lot of people who were happy you posted on twoplustwo. We hope you come back and keep posting weekly or monthly threads. Monthly threads would get more views and posts and probably bring more traffic to your site. I wish you the best of luck regardless of whether you continue to post on twoplustwo. I also want to know what forums you currently post your plays. I know about twitter and your site but would also like to know which forums.”

Thanks for the comment. I have been posting on 2+2 for over 5 years now. The prior moderator kept the bashing pretty much in line and kept the board under control. A month or so ago a new moderator took over and in my opinion the board now out of control. The moderator is active in his posts which is good…but now also bashes. There are always a few that make it bad for the many…but when the moderator gets involved its way too aggravating. Who need it:)

I post regularly on several other boards but they are subscription boards where I am allowed guest access . As always I will update my blog so everything can be obtained here and by tweets.

Again thanks.

Good Luck today

Twitter: rickjsportplays
Twitter: rickjswingtrade

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  • Thrempie

    A single thread would provide more continuity and be easier to manage than weekly threads. One would be able to see all your picks and answers to prior questions.

    I’d urge you to return and take the advice that was given as it was sound. I don’t know why you preferred weekly threads originally (other than the simplicity with football), but with your development of multi-sport/multi-model handicapping a single thread is the best option.

    Best of luck.

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