Tues nba + nhl plays

Just when I say that..two plays develop…

2 plays tonight…1 nba and 1 nhl.

Good Luck

19-Dec-06 Basketball
Total Los Angeles Lakers/Chicago Bulls (U 205) +100

19-Dec-06 Hockey
Tampa Bay Lightning +113


Record to date:

Sides: 17- 14 +6.83
o/u 3-8-1 -5.09
Sides 30-25-1 +5.25
o/u 9-11 -2.56
Sides 21-8-1 +12.70
o/u 7-4 +2.83
sides 26-23 +7.79
Side 39-30-1 +7.81
o/u 12-7 +4.81

Total 300 Bets + 38.20 units +12.73% Return

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  • Anonymous

    Rick You seem to have a great approach to handicapping. After all its about a slow steady return anticapting the drawdowns and slow times that are part of the equation. Looking at the significant number of dogs that are winning outright it would definately be worth a play of perhaps 10-20% of a normal play as long as it continues.. Afterall some dogs on pinnacle are paying quite high at anything above + 4…Best of luck and thanks again for taking the time to post. Patrick

  • ken

    sounds to me like you need a runner Rick, someone you can trust that can find you at Bellagio to get the plays then post them prior to gametime, or that you can call and have him/her post

  • Greg_Feeney

    Good night! 2-0.

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