tues ncaa baskets

Nothing again today. I know its getting boring but better to be bored then
stretch things and lose money. Although there is nothing to stretch today either.

There is an nba game im watching and if anything develops I will update through this blog and twitter.

I received the following comment regarding my post yesterday:

“Very interesting…

While you speak of human nature, you are doing what is logical/normal/expected for someone to do after recieving that note. You could go against that and continue to post. After all, you weren’t trying to impress/share information with/help out the moderator were you? By leaving the board you are only hurting the people who found your messages helpful/insightful.

Just something to think about. “

My response:

Although I am subject to get just as crazy as the next person( as evidenced by my posts regarding the narcissist that insists on grabbing table 40 at the Bellagio) my response to the board after 4 years of posting is not only logical but necessary.

My view is that these boards should be give and take. Not only take , take , take by the boards. The forums exist because of handicappers posting. Without content the forums would go by the wayside as many do.

The forum i spoke of treats the handicappers as if they are doing them a favor letting them post. The exact opposite is true. The handicappers are allowing the forum to exist by providing content to the forum.

Now there should be rules. Also handicappers that are charging for their plays should be treated differently then handicappers that are providing their work for free.

But it is the height of lunacy to suggest after 4 years of posting without incident that by my use of the word “we” in my posts it seemed to him I was a service and without contacting me moved me to what other posters call the “jail”:)

Like I said good content is almost impossible to find on most of these handicapping boards. I like to think of my posts as good content and do not wish to be subject to the unreasonable and capricious whim of some moderator.

So the only option I had I took. I refuse to post on that board anymore. Not that its a big deal but its the only option I have.”

Back to handicapping. I am waiting for the NIT lines for tomorrow to be posted and will do a workup on them shortly after they are posted. If anything shows up I will update this blog and twitter.

Twitter: rickjsportplays

  • mouldhouse

    Rick, IMO you are spot on. I read a few of the cappers forums and know the ones you mean when you say its like they are doing you a favour.

    Their arrogance is unbelievable.

    Yes its a shame that other people might miss out but any who track those threads would find this blog or other forum posts with your username quite easily IMO, so its unlikely that any will miss out.

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