4:00 Update

Tuesday NHL Play
1/2 Unit
Winnipeg +120

11:00 Update

I have received a few emails regarding the NHL. I am going to bet the NHL this season and similar to baseball they will all be 1/2 unit plays. I expect the swings to be very similar to baseball with the same risk involved…so if your going to follow them I would manage your bankroll and betting accordingly.

The only subset of games I am going to handicap this season are the road teams. I might change my mind a bit later…but right now it appears the best likelihood of coming out with a winning season.

As in baseball since the plays are in part dependent on the public some will be obvious in the morning…and some will be put out before game time.

So to start out the season:

Tuesday NHL Play
1/2 Unit
Washington +150

Monday we lost our 1 unit play on Texas in MLB.

Tuesday MLB Play
1 Unit
901 CIN-J Cueto +115
902 -F Liriano

Good luck Today

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